The Dead Wars -- On Sale


Available on Amazon.Com in eBook and Paperback.

     Sergeant Reese Patterson, U.S. Army, is killed instantly in a mortar barrage during the second Iraq war.
     Not knowing he is dead, Reese awakens thinking that he has dreamed his death. But as he watches a burial detail loading his body-bag onto a truck for shipment back to the States, he realizes the truth of his situation.
     Another ghost explains to him that ghosts survive on the surface the way a spider survives on water -- by maintaining a surface tension that keeps them above ground. They introduce him into the world of the dead, and also explain to him that there are two types of ghosts -- good honest folk, and the Others.
     The good ghosts, or members of the light, are trying to find a doorway into the light and to make their way there. Reese returns to the USA and takes an opportunity he never had in life to visit Washington, DC.
     Reese meets Corporal Stanford "Sugar Bear" Harris, a U.S. Marine killed in Vietnam. Bear educates Reese in local happenings and how to survive as a ghost.
     Before long Reese becomes involved in an effort to save the living world from a death worse than life.

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