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Hurricane Key  -  A monster hurricane, scale 5, makes its way across the Atlantic. Horror Author, Ben, and his wife Megan, move into an old mansion on Hurricane Key, a small island just past the southern tip of Sugar Loaf Key in the beautiful Florida Keys, where Ben will continue his writing unmolested by civilization.

The hurricane is headed directly at them and as Ben doesn't want to be bothered by the news, they have no idea this monster hurricane is going to wreck such havoc in their lives.

Another unknown fact is the old mansion has another inhabitant, but this one isn't alive.


Brad Morris, a Navy SEAL, buried the last members of his command. It’s 2015 in Djibouti, a small country in West Africa on the Red Sea. Something has killed nine-tenths of the world’s population and he has no idea what it is.  

He is going home. He has found some survivors and is sure if anyone else is still alive, it is his grandfather. He is a tough old man, a Vietnam Veteran and home is Jacksonville, Florida. Since leaving Djibouti he has had to fight a War Lord, a Rouge CIA Agent, the Vietnamese Army and Navy, and various assorted bad guys.

Brad knows the 65-footer cannot make the voyage straight across the Pacific to the US; so he has to find another way. He decides to follow the coast of Asia up to the Bering Straits, cross over to Alaska and follow the coast south then cross the US to Florida. 

It turns out things aren’t quite that easy.  Some people don't want him and his crew to leave or to go home.

So continues the long journey home.
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